I’ve been a fan of snail mails and postcards since I was a little kid. I’m amazed at how a piece of paper can travel miles around the world to get to where its supposed to be. But now that I think about it, I have only sent a postcard twice in my life (technically only once since I sent those two postcards at the same time). One for a friend in Singapore and the other one for myself.

27-On snail mails, stamps, and postcrossing02

Just recently, I revived my Postcrossing account. Revived. Yes, that’s the word. Since for some strange reason my Postcrossing account just died. It was my account of 2009. So after four years of not sending a postcard, Postcrossing decided to delete my account all together. Good thing, I was still able to use the same name I used before.

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So to start my Postcrossing journey, I bought a bunch of postage stamps from USPS (I have collected a boxful of postcard books before so all I need is postage stamp to start the process). They have a lot of beautiful designs to choose from. I got so happy with them that I clicked almost every stamp I see. It’s a shocking price to pay but I still decided to buy them since most of my buys are forever stamps which can be used to mail First-class letters no matter what the postal rate is (and will be in the future). I also bought this new Global Forever stamp which uses the same idea as Forever stamps but is used for First-Class Mail International 1-ounce letter.

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Apart from all the nice looking stamps I also learned that I can get a stamp catalog for free. USA Philatelic is a quarterly catalog of stamps and stamp products from the U.S. Postal Service. You can sign up for a free copy here. Or you can view the digital copy here.

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Since I already received the postage stamps yesterday, I will soon send out my first postcrossing postcard to an anonymous postcrosser somewhere on this earth. I’m really excited to send and receive a postcard of my own. I wonder which country my first postcard will be from. 🙂

PS. I got so confused with the postage rate for postcards so I browsed over the USPS website and found this handy pdf file on postage price list as of January 27, 2013. You can see the prices of international and domestic postcards on page 63.