I can’t remember the first time heard this band. All I can remember was it was introduced by 경은 언니 from TTMIK. If I remembered it correctly, she posted a video of this indie band at facebook. She shared this song entitled, 그날에 우리 (My Love). I really enjoyed their song that time. Their voice is just so nice and comforting. You can feel their emotions just through their music. Such an inspiration to listen to their songs.

While scanning through my older blog posts I remembered I wanted to post something about them before yet wasn’t able to get around to posting it. Now, for some reason I just wanted to share this sad song, 니가 싫어 (I hate you).

Tell me what you think. 🙂

P.S. While searching about them I found Eat your Kimchi’s interview with Urban Zakapa. You can find the video and the article here.

* featured photo taken from 니가 싫어 MV.