It’s almost the end of the month again. I feel so sad that I don’t get to update early on. I always tend to push things aside especially the ideas I have when posting something here in my blog. I admit I’m not a good blogger. So much for promising myself that I would update this monthly. So here I am, trying to post something up as to what happened during the month.

Not so recent ago, I just turned another year older. A little exhausted from all the errands I need to finish before the end of the month leaves me medically uninsured. Under my mom, that is. A little sad that a year passed by without doing much in my life. A little depressed that I have so much left back home and it still feels hard to start a life here. Yet I still have been blessed with all the good things happening to me right now.

My birthday was blessed with a lot of rain. Probably a little sun after the rain also. I’m not so fond of rain here in this other part of the world but I remember how I used to love rain back home. I’ve been living here for almost five years now yet I still consider this as a foreign land. I still have my heart back home.

I have countless new things this month. Got a new gorgeous phone from Samsung, a really cool present from my mom. I also got a cute Korean book from my sister which she bought from bandibook. Bought new books for myself too which I happily received on the day of my birthday. I also got new Korean books from last month which I failed to blog about. Some things I always tend to do; impulse buying of books and failing to make a blog post.

And lastly my dad graciously drove me to my favorite cupcake store — Sprinkles. I so so love them cupcakes. Will post something about it next time, hopefully.

So long guys, ‘Today is the day, Make every moment count.’