I didn’t like this burger at first.

People would definitely ask me why, as locals here in SoCal love this fast food restaurant. It is so loved by everyone making it the first restaurant that I’ve seen with a lot of customers since the day I’ve moved here. I totally miss seeing the endless queue for the tasty chicken joy back in the Philippines. There no such things as that here since people love drive-thru a lot  besides In-N-Out, I mean.

But alas! I got converted. I believe it started when I changed the style of my burger.

Style you say? This is not new to any SoCal resident or any In-N-Out fanatic. They have the traditional ingredients of toasted buns, beef patty, cheese slice, onion, lettuce, tomato and spread. Yet you have a wide list of selection. You can order anything and everything, just make sure you have those ingredients in mind. Add or subtract ’em. You name it, they make it.

Cheeseburger well done with chopped grilled onions.

Well done fries.

That’s my style. I don’t like having my patty still pink with blood. I just don’t like that rusty taste or smell. It’s not that it’s dripping with blood (it totally isn’t) but I feel that I have to have my patty well cooked especially since it’s not a block of meat where the outside is the only part that’s contaminated from handling.

Just recently, we decided to buy some burgers here. I decided to wait just in front of the cashier to check out other people’s orders. Which I later end up checking out the way they process the food.

I know they make everything fresh from the fries down to the buns but this was the first time that I actually watched them make each burger and fries they serve.

I was so thrilled to see how the burger cooks (or burger makers, whatever they call them) put the spread on the buns, grilled the patties, crumpled the lettuce, stacked them all together, wrapped it with that brown piece of paper, and how they moved with ease and elegance like its part of choreographed step. I also enjoyed watching Mr. Fries Fryer while he meticulously fried the potatoes and as he prepared and sliced the potatoes like a little kid playing with his Play-Doh.

This post is really making me hungry now. Anyway, here are some photos to ogle at.

Next time, if you happen to visit SoCal, do check In-N-Out’s burger you will definitely love it. 😛