How time flies!

A good year passed and this blog aged happily. I’m pleased that while things are getting busier I still managed to keep this blog alive to this day. As much as I would want to post each and every bit about my life, most of which are heavily on the boring side, my lazy ass just won’t help at all. Any other way, I still try to keep this blog updated monthly.

So what’s new in my life?
  • I’ve finally pushed through with volunteer work at a nearby hospital. It’s not that special but I’m enjoying the thought of helping people as well as exposing myself to the place I want to work at. I also like watching the sky at night just before going home. It’s such a nice way to release tension.
  • I noticed that I finished a lot of K-dramas these past few weeks. I tried to list down the dramas, animes and movies I recently watched and found that they’re more than a dozen now. Will post something about it soon.
  • I eventually finished re-reading Integrated Korean Beginning 1. I know my level is way past beginner but I really think that the first time I read the book wasn’t serious enough that I tend to forget a lot of things.
  • I decided to put my guitar playing venture on hold for now. It’s kind of disappointing but I don’t want to continue without having enough passion. I still love my guitar and would still want to learn to play it but I’m currently in search for some more a deeper inspiration. I also hope a miracle awaits me in this gift of music.
  • I now document my day in my academic planner. It’s not like a thorough report of my day. I just list down my accomplishments. Not exactly what a planner is used for, I know.
  • I continue to love post its and short notes. Been posting a lot of it here and there, too. I’ve also been collecting quotes on life. Been inspired with Taxi Driver Wisdom.
Anyway, nothing much has changed. I still have this old place in the web and my 3 year-old scarlet laptop to keep it updated. 🙂