Just out of nowhere, I decided I want to learn to play guitar again and now for real. Seriously.

I didn’t actually plan on buying one. I’ve been joining several contests here and there with hopes of having a new guitar.

Weeks ago, out of my mom’s generosity, I finally got a new guitar. It was a Fender FA-100 Acoustic Pack from Costco. I was so ecstatic that I didn’t think of reading anything about it beforehand. All I wanted was to have a new guitar. I didn’t think of anything else, just that.

When we finally reached home, my dad told me to open the box to try it out. He’s not an expert in guitars but he can play some tunes. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t in tune yet so my dad decided to tune it by ear. He then started twisting the tuning keys. I wasn’t really paying attention since I was reading a book on guitars I bought a week before. I was looking for the section about tuning guitars. I don’t exactly remember what happened but I can still recall the feeling of devastation and distraught when I saw that one of the strings of my “new” guitar broke.

Luckily, the pack that we bought came in with an extra pack of guitar strings. Out of guilt, my dad immediately changed the guitar strings. I was reading some notes yet again, now about changing strings. Being the meticulous me, I checked how the strings were placed. It wasn’t what was written in the books. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t up to my standards. So I thought, maybe I can try and fix it myself. While undoing it, it broke again. I really wanted to cry. I was planning on playing the guitar that night but unlucky, I can’t.

The very next day after work, my dad and I decided to buy new strings. We went to a nearby guitar store named MusicPower. The store was neat, filled with a bunch of cool looking guitars and many more. The store was pretty big in my opinion. They don’t have Fender acoustic guitar strings so I just bought D’addario strings. I don’t have any ideas on which string to buy so I just bought what he had suggested. Anyway, I learned from the sales personnel that they do change strings for free when you buy strings from them so I grabbed the opportunity and had my guitar restringed. By the way, the G string was the one that broke. I’ve read somewhere that the G string together with the high E string usually are the first strings to break easily. I wonder why though. And another thing, I’ve noticed there’s a break in the saddle where the G string sits. I wonder if I should be concerned about that.

On another note, I saw this documentation on acoustic guitar set-up which I will probably read after I finish this post. It will definitely help me learn a lot about my guitar and not just about playing it.

So to continue with the story, while we were already there I decided to also buy a capo. I often see guitar players use capo and it always makes me feel that they kind of look like guitar experts or professionals with that on. I don’t know, probably it’s just me.

I started playing the guitar once again. I refreshed my memory with the chords I’ve learned ten or so years ago. I still know the basic G major, D major, A major, A minor, E major, and E minor. Those were the chords I easily learned before. However, I still totally hate the B and the F major chords. They’re just a total headache for me. I would definitely have a hard time with the barre chords in the future. For some reason, I also have a hard time with the C major. My fingers get all so stiff whenever I switch to a C. I can easily switch G, D, A, and E without any problems but I always get stuck with C. A minor to C is easy but I guess that’s about it.

Several days before the guitar, I bought two bargained guitar books. The first one was a guitar chords book containing over 360 illustrated chords while the other one is a box set of a 48-minute instructional DVD and a beginner’s guide book on how to play guitar. I might make a review on those books in the future if I don’t get too lazy. Lol.

After learning different types of strumming styles and chord progressions for the past few days, I felt that the tips of my left finger are starting to feel a little numb and somewhat feels callused. I just feel so happy whenever I hold and play my guitar.

I may not be close to Sungha’s amazing guitar skills but my goal right now is to learn to play the basic chords first and move from there. All the other things will eventually come later.

With my left hand holding the neck and my right hand strumming the strings, trying harder as I move each fingers to their respective places, I will put a smile on my face and believe that I can reach my goal one strum at a time.

Good luck to me and this guitar playing venture. I will surely enjoy every minute of it. 😉