I first learned about this book when one of the people I follow posted a very nice quote at instagram. Not only was the quote true and catchy but also the typography is pleasing to the eyes. It immediately caught my attention. Luckily, one of her followers asked where she might have gotten the quote. That’s where it all started.

Taxi Driver Wisdom is a book of quotes by Risa Mickenberg containing short, witty thoughts of New York city cab drivers about life, love, truth, death, driving, and anything and everything in between. This black hardcover book was published by Chronicle Books in 1996.

For some strange reason, the front and back endsheets feature a made-up vehicle operator license of Sigmund Freud and Frederiche Nietzsche respectively. Probably because of their contribution in psychoanalysis and philosophy. The author made the readers aware that all the quotes inside the book were from conversations with NYC cab drivers, she even listed out the names of the drivers.

As you open the book, you will see that each page contains a quote on a specific topic which you can also associate with general stuff in life. One quote each page with a black and white photo on the other. Photos shown in the book were of Joanne Dugan’s.

I would like to quote several parts in Mickenberg’s introduction.

The fact is, New York cab drivers are the world’s most accessible source of truth and wisdom…

Maybe because people can only deal with limited-time intimacy, we get into a taxi and, suddenly (sometimes), we can reveal our souls. We can ask questions we’ve been afraid to ask.

True enough, I find it easy to open up to complete strangers, to talk about nothing in particular but learn something new and amazing. It’s quite surprising how a simple conversation can turn into a heart-warming and inspiring one.

Since this book is now out of print, I got this book used (like new) priced at $9.99 from Amazon.com. It actually looks new to me except for the fact that the back part looks like this:

This is what I get from wanting it too early (I added it with my other purchase since it was fulfilled by Amazon with an Amazon Prime account). I should have just opted for a new one which only costs $ 7.70 and just pay for a separate S&H.

Here are some shots of my favorite quotes from the book:

There’s still more that I didn’t include. If you would like to read all the quotes, why not try purchasing the book, you will surely love it. 😉

All in all, I really loved this purchase. I love the quotes, the color, the simplicity, the feel. It surely had fun reading it. The only thing that I don’t like about this book is that my fingerprint is all over the black portion of each page.

On an added note, the author also published a book with the same idea only instead of cab drivers the quotes are now from hairdressers, manicurists, and beauticians across the country — Beauty Parlor Wisdom.