The other day, I decided to watch this anime out of sheer curiosity. I didn’t actually plan on watching a yaoi or a male-male relationship. It was a first.

The anime has multiple love stories in it. You probably guessed it, all of these love stories are male-male.

Onodera Ritsu / Takano Masamune

Their love story started when Onodera Ritsu confessed his love for Takano Masamune (previously known as Saga Masamune) back in high school. After some complications and feeling that his love was rejected, Onodera left to study abroad, leaving Saga torn and heartbroken. They once again meet when Onodera decided to work at Marukawa Publishing. He later learns that his editor-in-chief is none other than his previous love Saga Masamune. Now known as Takano Masamune, he then ventures to make Onodera fall in love with him once again.

Their love is then tested when Yokozawa Takafumi (Takano’s ex) and Kohinata An (Onodera’s ex-fiancée) come into picture.

Yoshino Chiaki / Hatori Yoshiyuki

Yoshino Chiaki is a male mangaka of a shoujo manga. Hatori Yoshiyuki is Yoshino’s editor and childhood friend. Both of them were introduced in episode 5. Their love story starts when Yoshino witnesses an encounter between Hatori and Yuu Yanase (Yoshino’s chief assistant and friend) which he mistakenly thinks was a kiss. Their story then progresses as a love triangle.

Kisa Shouta / Yukina Kou

Kisa Shouta is a 30-year old manga editor in the same company as the characters above. It is explained in the story that Kisa has never been in a serious relationship because of his tendency to fall in love based on looks alone and not with their personality. Yukina Kou is a 21-year old art student working at Marimo books in charge of the shoujo manga section. Kisa first met Yukino as the cashier during his visit at Marimo books. For him it was love at first sight. The next morning he checks the sales for his new books. He notices that his books got high sales at Marimo books, not only with his new books but also his previous releases. He then decides to check out the bookstore to learn the reason behind his high sales. Yokozawa, who happens to be at the bookstore at that time, introduces them with each other. This time, Yukina learns that Kisa was the one who edited his favorite mangas. Because of this, he then starts to form some interest over Kisa.

Their story is introduced in episode 8.

Before I reveal my thoughts here’s a fanmade video by FallenAngelz13. The song featured in the video is entitled ‘Whataya want from me’ by Adam Lambert. It actually showed the emotion in the story especially the part where the lyrics says ‘just don’t give up on me’.

My thoughts

I’m not a fan of yaoi genre but I got interested with this one probably because of the cute and handsome guys in it. Haha. At first I was wierded out by the strangeness of seeing two guys fall in love and actually kiss. But then I realized that during the course of watching there is a more feminine guy which actually feels almost like a girl to me. The only difference is that the feminine character here has a shorter hair and a male voice. I’ve watched several adaptations of Hana Kimi where the girl disguises herself as a guy so I guess I should say that I’m already partly exposed to guy-somewhat guy relationships.

Let’s say that I was able to finish this anime in two days because I have nothing else to watch and I’m lazy of doing something else but I have to admit that I still enjoyed watching it. There were times that I would squeal with glee at each romantic encounter between the main characters and sometimes the other pairs as well.

It was such delight seeing the characters fall in love regardless of their gender, age, status, and background.

I just can’t end this post without sharing this forced kiss between Onodera and Takano. I can’t help but smile seeing the intense emotion of love and longing shown in that one shot. Aww.

* screenshots taken from the anime ‘Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi’, edited by me. Video by FallenAngelz13.