The first time I got prescription glasses was in second year college. I remember that I have been having difficulty seeing the notes on our white board at that time. It never dawned to me that I actually needed to wear glasses.

I had those prescription glasses for five years. Last year, I went to the eye doctor to have my eyes checked for a new prescription. I don’t think the one that I had was still right for my eyes.

I got the following prescription.

I don’t really know what they meant. I only know that O.D means right eye and O.S. means left eye. I also know that I am near-sighted that’s why it’s a negative number.

I then got the glasses several days after but it doesn’t feel quite right. I thought that I’ll eventually get used to it and it won’t bother me. But as I wore it for longer hours, I get this strained feeling in my eye and the things in front of me seemed farther away. I was not happy with it so I just used my old pair. It was so stupid of me not going back to the doctor and have a new prescription. I would have refunded the price for the glasses or probably have it changed. :/

I recently decided to have my eyes rechecked again. I explained everything to my eye doctor and she stated that she added something for astigmatism so that was the one causing strain to my eyes. I don’t really get it and I don’t have enough knowledge to explain it so here’s my new prescription.

As you can see, she just removed the cylindrical and axis part. My spherical grade stayed the same.

My insurance doesn’t allow a yearly change of prescription glasses so I can’t have another one this year. Good thing I remembered that Coastal.Com offers free glasses with lens. I only have to pay for the shipping and handling. I also saw at facebook that they were currently offering  a free pair with the use of a coupon code from fb. So I grabbed the chance and bought a nice pair for myself.

I learned that full-framed glasses don’t suit me so I decided to look for semi-rimless and rimless glasses. I tried one in the doctor’s office so I know which one to look for.

I picked this semi-rimless rectangular shaped frame from Ltede. I don’t actually know if this would look good on me but I still took the chance considering that it’s way cheaper than the one from the doctor’s office. I only paid $17.38 for it compared to the $350+ that I were to pay if I bought it from the doctor’s office without the insurance.

So, yes. I can finally read road signs, see lines as straight as it can be, recognize faces, and enjoy the lights and the lively colors of nature every time I wear my glasses. 🙂