I’ve learned about Knock Knock when I shopped at Fullybooked during my previous vacation in the Philippines. I bought this notepad Pack This! for organizational reasons during trips. I tend to forget a lot of stuff so this is quite handy. I haven’t used the notepad yet since I already made a list of what to pack, so this will definitely be useful for my next trip.

Back in Cali, my papa and I love to shop at department stores like Marshalls, Ross and the like. We usually find cheap but good stuff there. I usually drop by the bags sections and the art/stationary section.

That’s when I found cheap knock knock stuff again. I bought several self-inking stamps. One says,  Blah Blah Blah; another says, You Should Know; and the last  one is TMI. I used these stamps so my Korean notebook wouldn’t be too boring to read.

Anyway, just recently, I received a newsletter from Knock Knock about their free academic planner with orders over $45. I’ve actually been planning on buying some stuff and this is just the right timing. They also have a free shipping for orders over $35. So another Yay! for me. 😀

While I was doing the shopping online, the stuff that I listed totaled to almost $95. So I asked my sister if she would also like to have an academic planner. Of course she said yes, so we then divided the shipment so both of us got an academic planner.

Here’s the stuff that I bought:

Self-inking stamps to add to my previous collection.

Personal Library Kit and an Office Speak Rotating Stamp.

And here’s the green academic planner that I chose. My sister got the blue one. I also bought several task clips but they didn’t come out well in the photo so I’ll just mention it here.

It was surely fun buying those stuff. Will look out for more cute and nice stuff online and offline. Anyway, what have you bought recently? Share them in the comments section. 🙂