I’m not a BoA fan. I have never been. I never liked her Eat You Up. I don’t even know anything else besides that actually. But this new song from her 7th albumOnly One‘ is just so, I don’t know, addicting?

I’ve been playing this song since this afternoon. I can’t really count the times I repeated the song and watched the music video. My mind’s now filled with only this song.

Anyway, I’m really excited with the music video release of this goodbye/love song because of 유아인. 유아인 is such an adorable guy!!! ❤❤❤

Here’s the teaser:

I’m not good in translating Korean yet so here’s the video with English subs for you to enjoy. 😀

Just before I go, here’s a photo of 아인.

I was actually thinking of posting his ‘happy trail‘ photo but since this blog is wholesome, I decided not to. LOL.

* Featured photo taken from Only One MV, edited with Instagram. 유아인’s photo taken from his minihompy.