I’ve been joining contests for like forever.

I don’t know when I started documenting my winnings but I do have a list of it now. It probably started at the time I posted a Free Verse entry at my previous blog.

To list down my winnings:

1. July 20, 2009. Won a special gift (Converse in Malay by Ibrahim Ismail) from Jim’s blog.

2. July 20, 2009. Just the same day, I won two tickets to a Korean show “PAN”. It was just so stupid of me to even join the contest for I was not in Korea at that time. Someone else should have won those tickets instead. :/


3. September 4, 2009. Won a 3-month Premium and another 1-month Premium subscription from KC101.com’s contest. It was my sister’s birthday so I asked the KC101 staff if I can just give the other month for my sister. They said yes but they kept my 4-month subscription for me. How nice of them to do that. 😀

4. January 1, 2010. Won a calendar from KTO.

5. January 5, 2010. Won a Flip Mino Ultra Video from Jim of Bargaineering.com. Here’s my winning answer. LOL.

6. April 19. 2010. Yet another contest from KTO. I won a cute little keychain. My sister won too. Mine’s the round one on the left.

7. May 4, 2010. Won concert tickets to JYP Bad Party with 2AM in LA sponsored by Soompi and Powerhouse. Tickets priced $150 apiece. Read more of the how I acquired the concert tickets here and the concert itself here.

8. January 7, 2011. Won Sims 3 download from Playfish Karaoke Bar Sing-along Sweepstakes.

9. June 27, 2012. Won two Padres tickets from work. Priced $76.50 apiece. I gave my tickets to my parents since I’m not a fan of Padres and baseball. Good thing they enjoyed the game. It was a first for them.

Recently, I joined yet another contest. I found this contest at twitter sponsored by Dramafever and Wikets Inc.

I’m the only one in the family who owns an IOS device so I decided to also have my sister join the contest using my phone. The mechanics of the contest were pretty easy. I didn’t really have to do much besides downloading the app and recommending some videos of dramafever. Using the app was quite fun, I recommended different kinds of stuff and I earned points from them though I don’t actually know if I will ever get that $15 gift certificate through earning points. I haven’t reached the 1500 point level to redeem anything.

July 12, 2012. I received a DM from dramafever to send them an email for they have good news for me. The very next day I received a response from them. The email said:

Received it after five days of waiting. 🙂

Hi Sarah,

Congratulations! Wikets Inc. contacted me and they selected you as the winner of the iPad! I just need your shipping address and we can mail it out. Thanks for entering!


I was so very happy receiving the said message. I would finally have an iPad. 😀

Anyway, this contest has a very funny story for me and my sister. The thing was, both of us received a winning message from the dramafever team. Only my sister received it earlier than me. She was kind of unsure if the message was true since she can’t find the DM in her twitter. She only saw it in her email. She sent a reply then later received an apology letter. She sadly reported to me the news only to be surprised that I was actually the said winner. LOL.

I finally received the package just this Wednesday. These were the things inside the box:

  • one 16GB Black iPad
  • two Kirin Art School uniform badge from Dream High
  • four Dream High 2 stickers

I was actually eyeing the new iPad several weeks before the contest. I was planning or should I say was thinking of buying one for myself. I totally loved how my website looked with the new iPad and that’s the sole reason why I would want to buy one.

It’s amazing how things work out. I never imagined I would win an iPad. I just saved $500 for this. I hope the next one would be a round-trip ticket for two (or four?) to South Korea with accommodations and a tour around Korea’s famous tourist spots. ㅋㅋㅋ