Not so recently, I’ve become addicted to a particular song by flumpool, entitled 花になれ (Hana ni nare, Become a Flower). This song was introduced by my sister Kat, who is basically my source of most Japanese and Korean songs.

Besides the music itself, what I like about this song is the message of determination and the inspiration to always be our best. To blossom like a flower and overflow with radiance.



That lost thing called ‘magnificence’
I’ll go and get back that worn out dream
just as I buried it in the sand in my childhood
I dedicate this song to me 10 years later

Laugh, cry, sing, become a flower
be in full bloom and one day overflow with radiance

Anyway, at 2:30, 2:37, 3:20 and 3:59 I surely wish I was the mic. With that, I will definitely blossom like a flower. LOL.

Just because I love Ryuta. XD *

* screenshots taken from Hana ni nare MV.