February 25, 5AM. Our bus to Baguio was delayed for two hours but luckily we were able to be seated at the front row of the bus. My sister and I had a very comfortable seat that was meant to be for disabled.

It probably took us about 7 hours to reach Baguio. I was sleeping most of the time so it didn’t really bother me.

After the long ride we finally reached Session Road. We walked to the Victory Liner Terminal and decided to buy our ticket back home. We were surprised by a long line of people wanting to get the earliest ride home. Luckily, we didn’t need to wait in queue for we had a senior citizen with us. The privilege of being old. LOL.

We walked, walked and walked down the road. I was surprised that we reached SM City Baguio that fast. Or probably not.

We had a break at the SM City Baguio Foodcourt. They didn’t have familiar food chains there, for me at least. After the not-so-yummy food, we went out for a walk at the back of SM City Baguio where the tribal statues can be found.

We walked some more and reached Sunshine Park. We didn’t really looked around the park. We only took a few shots then went on to walking again. We were already exhausted when we reached Burnham Park. The place was totally packed with people that you can hardly see the beauty of the park. Sad to say, I didn’t really enjoy the view.

The day pretty much ended with us staying at McDonald’s. LOL.

February 26. We went on to the Panagbenga Grand Parade. We passed by Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral then went to NLIC‘s building along Session Road.

I was situated at the 5th floor of NLIC. I’m not really good with my camera so I only managed to take these photos:

I didn’t get much good shots since I was taking a video the whole time. *Excuses, excuses*

We went back to Burnham Park and saw a lot of street foods being sold. From corns, to balut, to kwek-kwek and fish balls.

Later during the day, we went to PMA.

Then to Camp John Hay for some time with nature.

Saw some random stuff at Mines View Park.

Went to Good Shepherd to be deceived by the not-so-good-sellers.

Went back to NLIC and waited for our ride back home. Had a fun conversation with the security guard about wandering ghosts around the building and how he manages to work there for years. We later walked the long road back to Victory Liner terminal where my sister and I played a competitive game of sungka.

Down by the terminal I was surprised to see a quite familiar face. I’m not really sure and I’m not the type of person to just approach people so I just sat there in the corner acting like a ‘stalker’. Or probably just a fan. Luckily, the buses surrounding us have a wifi connection so I discretely accessed it to verify my hunch. Twitter proved that I was correct.

I saw Hannah of The Yellow Adventures at the Victory Liner terminal, yet didn’t actually meet because I was too shy to start a small talk. Oh well! Next time, I’ll probably meet her or someone that inspires me and I might have the courage to actually say hi. Next time. 😀