A more appropriate title for this post.

I’m totally not used to blogging. I tend to put off things. I overthink. I’m lazy.Β So after two months, I decided to actually post something about my month-long vacation in the Philippines.

The flight to the Philippines is like an endless battle for time. For an unknown reason, we had to push all our plans for another day. Main Culprit: PAL flight, DELAYED. Secondary Culprit: Me and my lazy self.

PR903. LAX – MNL. Delayed.

DAY 0 | February 1, 2012, LAX

The supposed date of departure was January 31, 2012. Flight was cancelled and moved for February 1, 1:30PM PST. Boarded the plane at 2:30PM PST. Dinner served was chicken caldereta but didn’t taste caldereta at all. Had a stopover at Guam, which wasn’t a pretty well landing so I ended up vomiting. Did not feel well throughout the flight so I just decided to sleep. Breakfast was a complete disaster too, an odd-tasting chicken adobo. I totally hate airline food!

DAY 1 | February 2, 2012, MNL

Plane landed at 11:35PM PHT. We technically only had 25 minutes to spend for February 2. How sad is that? Blame time differences. Received a free Pinoy 2011 Homecoming packet sponsored by DOT Philippines and Globe. The packet includes The Philippine and Metropolitan Manila Map with general information about the Philippines, a pamphlet about the tourist spots in The Philippines, a Globe Rocks prepaid sim card and health coupons from The Medical City.

DAY 2 | February 3, 2012, QC

1:30AM. Arrival at our home in Quezon City. I just realized that our home is really small. Had the whole night chit-chatting with relatives. We had so much to talk about that we didn’t sleep at all. At around noon time, we decided to head out to exchange some money and to have our hair rebonded. I was out from 2PM to 10PM for my hair rebonding. Such a tremendous stress on my neck. πŸ™

DAY 3 | February 4, 2012, QC

We just stayed home throughout the day. Another chit-chatting session with my aunt. Searched the house for important stuff that I want to bring back to Cali and got new Philippine banknotes from my uncle. πŸ˜€

DAY 4 | February 5, 2012, Batangas

Batangas trip. Ate my favorite bibingkang galapong and pastillas de leche.

DAY 5 | February 6, 2012, QC & Manila

Followed-up a lot of certificates and papers from my previous schools. Such a long day. Learned that the sim card we received from the Pinoy 2011 Homecoming packet is activated for roaming so I wasn’t able to use the unlimited texting services.

DAY 6 | February 7, 2012, QC & Manila

Went to PRC to file my RN license. Met-up with friends. Ate at Tokyo Tokyo. Went to SM City North with faye.

DAY 7 | February 8, 2012, QC

Ate Mich’s birthday. Went out to have my hair retreated, it was still a mess even after the rebonding done. Bought a bunch of books and postcards from NBS. I found this section at SM Cubao called Kultura Pilipino which has a lot of Philippine souvenirs.

DAY 8 | February 9, 2012, QC

Uneventful day. Stayed at home, surfed the net.

DAY 9 | February 10, 2012, QC & Manila

FEU and SJC errands. Claimed my expedited TOR & RLE. Requested for a recopy of my Form-137. Met-up with friends at TriNoma and SM City North. Watched The Vow.

DAY 10 | February 11, 2012, Pasay

Went to MOA to celebrate Ate Mich’s birthday. Ate at The Aristocrat Restaurant and tried their famous chicken bbq. Planned to watch the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition but because of an unknown reason we were unable to see it. πŸ™ Went to Muji and found a lot of cute stuff. It was my first time bowling. Didn’t have any good shot of the bowling alley or anything about bowling (oh, I have a shot from Muji, hope that’ll suffice) so I’ll just share a photo of the billiard table. πŸ˜€

DAY 11 | February 12, 2012, San Juan

Greenhills day. Supposed to meet-up with Hyunwoo Sun and friends but unfortunately can’t. πŸ™

DAY 12 | February 13, 2012, QC & Manila

Application for travel tax exemption failure. Be sure to bring the following when applying for a travel tax exemption: current passport or receipt for a new one, green card and plane ticket with definite date of departure. Got my own Rizal@150 Passport. Ate at Max’s Restaurant, my treat. Visited Fullybooked and found those cute Kimmidolls. Finally bought a Tiramisu Meltdown from Red Ribbon. I missed you so much! πŸ˜€

DAY 13 | February 14, 2012, QC & Manila

Happy Valentine’s Day.

DAY 14 | February 15, 2012, Manila ➑

My sister and I had a tour around Rizal Park. We didn’t actually visit every attraction there since it’s already late in the afternoon when we arrived but we made sure to visit the monument and the Diorama of Rizal’s Martyrdom. We then went to SM Manila and ate at our favorite restaurant, Tokyo Tokyo. I realized that we ate there a lot of times while we’re in the Philippines. I’m actually missing Tokyo Tokyo right now. Finally found the Filipino Grammar book that I’ve been looking for here in National Bookstore SM Manila branch. I also bought several Bob Ong books and another Filipino novel. I totally love bookstores.

Day 15 | February 16, 2012, QC

Met-up with my friend King. Went to Gateway where she introduced her favorite milk tea from Chatime, Wintermelon. Then headed to Ali Mall to watch Unofficially Yours.

DAY 16 | February 17, 2012, Mandaluyong

Met-up with my bear buddies–Ana and Ruth. Finally met Val, Ruth’s boyfie. πŸ˜€

DAY 17 | February 18, 2012, Batangas

My pamangkin’s 7th birthday. I was paid β‚±100 for being the photographer. πŸ˜† I scored 100 twice in a row with the Videoke. I sang Open arms and Here without you. :mrgreen:

DAY 18 | February 19, 2012, Batangas ➑

Trip to Taal Heritage Town. Such a fun fun day!!!

DAY 19 | February 20, 2012, QC

Out with my family and relatives again. πŸ˜€

DAY 20 | February 21, 2012, QC

Went out with the ladies and watched Unofficially Yours for the 2nd time around. Shopping galore at SM Hypermart.

DAY 21 | February 22, 2012, QC

Uneventful day. Another day surfing the net.

DAY 22 | February 23, 2012, Makati

Out with family. Went to Makati. Roamed around Greenbelt, Landmark and Powerbooks. Postcard galore. Spent about β‚±800+ for postcard alone. 😯

DAY 23 | February 24, 2012, Mandaluyong

Went out with my sister. Met-up with a friend then ate at Shakey’s.

DAY 24 | February 25, 2012, Baguio

First time in Baguio. πŸ˜€

DAY 25 | February 26, 2012, Baguio ➑

Panagbenga Festival, Grand Float Parade.

DAY 26 | February 27, 2012, QC

6AM. Back home from Baguio trip. Stayed at home rested and started packing stuff.

DAY 27 | February 28, 2012, Mandaluyong

Met-up with friends for the last time. Ate at aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante. Ordered lasagna, baked ziti with meatsauce and taco pizza. Received a Starbucks tumbler from my friend as a birthday gift.

DAY 28 | February 29, 2012, MNL

9:15pm. Flight back to LAX.