Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Hunger Games Box Set

The first time I learned about The Hunger Games was when my sister started reading this book early April of last year. She was so thrilled that she was sharing every bit of it. I’m really not into killing-and-hunting-people-down-to-keep-myself-alive kind of story and reading for that matter so I just pushed the thought of ever reading the book aside. It just so happens that my sister is grateful enough to tell me the story in her own words. I was like seeing the action through her words. I don’t know all about the details of the story but I fairly much know about the gist.

Last September, I bought a box set of The Hunger Games series for my sister’s birthday. It was so pretty and way cheaper than buying each of the books. I also posted a photo of the box set at instagram. I’m really getting addicted to instagram that almost anything that catches my eye is posted there.

Late last year I saw the trailer of the movie. It made me really excited to finally see a live action of story I visualize from my sister words. I want to feel the blood rush as each one of them struggle to live and fight for their lives.

So today, I was finally able to watch the movie. It was fun ’cause the whole family watched the movie. I think this is first time that papa didn’t protest. He even told my mom that it was a nice movie even before watching it. 😆

A souvenir ticket

My thoughts. I really didn’t like the way they used the shaking-camera effect. It wasn’t all that appealing to me. I can even hear papa saying stuff like “This movie is making me dizzy,” “Why can’t they just make the camera steady?” “This is making me sleepy,” I think you already get my point. I was actually kind of feeling the same thing. I think I also even muttered the same words while watching the first few minutes of the movie. “Argh! When will this shaking stop?” Probably the shaking stopped when the action started in the fighting arena or whatever the author called it.

As the movie went on, I was drawn by the Rue-Katniss tandem. They were allies until the very end. I was touched by the respect and care that Katniss showed when she placed the flowers on her deathbed. I admit I cried. 😥 But then I laughed when I heard my mom blowing her nose beside me. 😆

I also like the support shown by Cinna (I just learned his name from my sister’s blog post), Katniss’ stylist. And how he sneaked out the mockingjay pin before the start pf the game. I love his character already.

I haven’t got much to say except I liked the movie and I’m rooting for Gale instead of Peeta. Heh! 😛