At long last.

I finally found the right theme for my blog. It was a very long and tiring process. Making a blog sure is an arduous job.

Name Search. In my opinion, the hardest part in making a blog is choosing a name. You have to think of an appropriate name that would suit you and whatever you would like to post in your blog. I had a couple in mind but I eventually decided to use this one. I had previously named a blog with it which was hosted in a Korean site but that blog just died after several months due to exhaustion from handling the site in Korean, having a number of blogs to maintain and having nothing to write about.

So what made me decide in using this name?

I’m a very plain person but I’m really inspired by artistic names, names that have a lot of meaning in it, names that evoke inspiration and creativity. Leap.Fly.Soar. was inspired by my sister’s username in one of her forums. She used the alias ‘FlitFlyZoom’. It’s short, sweet and really catchy. I think.

So I then decided to think of three related words having only one syllable each. I had two combinations in my list, first one is Run.Jump.Fly. and the other one is Leap.Fly.Soar. I don’t remember the exact reason I had before but I chose to use Leap.Fly.Soar.

WP Theme Search. I love simplicity and cleanliness. I’ve had a bunch of themes that passed my criteria but then again I’ll find something to make me change my mind. I have a list of plug-ins that I would like to keep and most of them had some kind of conflict with whatever theme I chose. So picking a theme wasn’t exactly as easy as I thought. I don’t know much anything about css and php coding or other coding for that matter so editing the themes is not Plan B.

Web Hosting. I really didn’t plan in making a site. What happened was, I received a hosting update from Kya, the owner of Bubble Hosting. Bubble Hosting is a site that hosts people for free (and right now they have a paid option too). The update was about the goodies for members who happen to donate for the site and a reward of an account upgrade will be given.

If you’re curious, I’ve been a member of Bubble Hosting for two years now. They’ve been hosting my photoblog for free for that amount of time. I’m really really happy I found them.

So what is this blog about?

Leap.Fly.Soar. is an online documentation of my thoughts, interests and life. I won’t be putting every bit about me that’s for sure.  I know that would be too creepy. I will post whatever comes to my mind and this site is totally flexible. I’ll probably change my mind some time soon so you’ll see me posting anything under the sun here.

So I guess that’s it for my first post. I hope I get to keep this blog updated and alive.